Z-Furring Channel forming

125.00 CAD

Zee Sections are common roll-formed shapes often used as, or integral to, mounting brackets, supports, purlins, tracks and slides, and reinforcements. Zee sections provide multiple surfaces for mounting, support and fastening. They are often used as trims, edgings, frames, and structural components.

Zee-sections are used by engineers to support and stabilize their structures. This means that for maximum performance, every support must be manufactured flawlessly. Roll forming guarantees quality, long-term cost-effectiveness, and the ability for subsequent processing requirements like punching and stamping.


At TAIMCO you are:


  • Getting Strength and durability improvements: Additionally, projects with custom metal fabrication have more strength and durability. Parts created especially for a project are more durable than generic ones. The lifespan of the finished product is frequently increased because of this technique.
  • Saving time and money: Custom metal fabrication at Taimco can save time, money, and effort in a variety of ways for any project. It reduces the number of errors that frequently need to be corrected later, eliminates unplanned costs related to flawed measures, and can be tailored to meet specific demands and requirements.
  • Getting Creative: The innovative and imaginative process of custom metal fabrication results in a distinctive finished product. There aren’t many limitations on what may be done with this approach, thus creativity is virtually limitless.
  • Metal Z-shaped and C-shaped roof purlins are usually used to support the roof panels and to transfer the roof wind and snow loads to the primary frames while providing lateral stability to the primary frame members.
  • Brake Formed Z-Bars are commonly used as Framing, Supports, Reinforcements, and Stiffeners for Rails, Slides, Tracks, and many other uses. they are used in many industries, such as Construction, Mezzanines, Metal Buildings, Garage Doors, Fences, Doors & Windows Frames.
  • Displays & Store Fixtures, Tool Boxes, Metal Furniture, Enclosures, Cabinets, Storage Bins, and Racks, among many other industries. Z-Bars, Z-Channels, Zees, & Purlins are all terms that describe the same type of Profile.
  • When there are returns at the top of each leg tooling will usually need to be produced unless it’s for a size we already have dies made for.


  • Hardness: The capacity to tolerate surface indentation (localized plastic deformation) and scratches are referred to as hardness. Hardness can suggest scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, and indentation resistance,  therefore, it is perhaps the most poorly defined material attribute. From an engineering aspect, hardness is significant because it increases resistance to wear caused by friction or erosion caused by steam, oil, and water.
  • Toughness: The ability to absorb energy without cracking or rupturing. Toughness is also the ability of a substance to resist fracture when strained. The difference between toughness and hardness is that a material that deforms extensively without breaking can be called exceedingly tough but not hard.
  • Z-Furring Channels can be made in thicknesses varying from .005” – .150”. Z-Furring Channels can be brack Formed as requested sizes.
  • the types of Steel Channels are U, Z, J, and C Channel.

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