Standard & Preferred Transportable Aluminum Bleachers System - Model BLECTA510

Standard & Preferred Transportable Aluminum Bleachers System - Model BLECTA510

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    These Standard Series and Preferred Series transportable bleachers offer a cost-effective solution for spectator seating across multiple fields at a single location. Alternatively, they can be used for seasonal seating when permanent year-round fixtures are unnecessary.

    To relocate these transportable bleachers, a separate Transport Kit (sold independently) is required. The kit includes a jack for lifting the system, the wheel assembly with an attached axle, the tongue assembly, and removable brackets to secure the tongue assembly.

    The footboards, made from high-strength 6061-T6 aluminum alloy extrusion, provide natural corrosion protection. The walking surface features a standard mill finish, and the aluminum welds have been chemically cleaned. Additionally, the galvanized hardware ensures durability without rusting, unlike zinc-plated hardware

    Key Features:

    • Row Units: Available in 5-row and 10-row configurations.
    • Front Row Seat Height: The front row seats are positioned at a comfortable height of 17 inches.
    • Seat Planks: Constructed with 2-inch by 10-inch nominal seat planks.
    • Length Options: Choose from lengths of 15 feet, 21 feet, and 24 feet.
    • Understructure: The aluminum angle frame understructure includes wheel brackets and additional bracing for durability.
    • Footboards: Single footboards, each 10 inches wide (with a double width of 20 inches for rows 4 and above).
    • Guardrail Options: Available in either chain-link or picket guardrail designs.
    • Transport Kits: Sold separately for convenient transportation.



      1. Load Accommodation:

        • Seat and foot planks are designed to accommodate 120 pounds per linear foot (plf) across a 6-foot span with a maximum deflection of 9/16 inch.
        • They are also engineered to support a uniformly distributed live load of not less than 100 pounds per square foot (psf) based on the gross horizontal projection of the bleachers.
      2. Wind Resistance:

        • The bleachers are constructed to resist horizontal wind loads—whether with or without a live load—equivalent to 30 psf based on the gross vertical projection.
      3. Sway Forces:

        • In addition to the live load, the design accounts for sway forces:
          • 24 plf of seat plank force in a direction parallel to the length of the seat.
          • 10 plf of seat plank force in a direction perpendicular to the length of the seat.
      4. Structural Integrity:

        • Under rigorous testing, stresses in aluminum members and connections remain within the limits specified for Building Type Structures by the Aluminum Association.

      Not Included:

      • Shop drawings (sold separately).
      • Anchor kits (sold separately).