Preferred Tip and Roll Aluminum Bleachers System - Model BLECPTNR23

Preferred Tip and Roll Aluminum Bleachers System - Model BLECPTNR23

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    The Tip N Roll Bleachers serve as auxiliary seating solutions. They are designed to be conveniently rolled out and positioned whenever additional seating capacity is required. These bleachers are constructed from lightweight aluminum, making them easy to handle and transport.


      Key Features:

      • Double Foot Planks: The bleachers are equipped with double foot planks, providing wider walkways and enhanced comfort for spectators.

      • Non-Marring Rubber Foot Pads: Standard rubber foot pads prevent damage to floors and surfaces during deployment.

      • Swivel Casters: The bleachers can be effortlessly tipped up onto their swivel casters, allowing smooth movement and repositioning as needed.

      • Caster Brakes: When not in use, the caster brakes securely hold the bleachers in place, preventing unintended rolling or shifting during storage.



      1. Seating Planks:

        • The seating planks are designed to accommodate a uniform load of 120 pounds per linear foot (plf) across a 6-foot span.
        • The maximum deflection allowed is 9/16 inch.
      2. Live Load Support:

        • In addition to supporting their weight, the bleachers are designed to handle a uniformly distributed live load of at least 100 pounds per square foot (psf) based on the gross horizontal projection of the seating area.
      3. Wind Resistance:

        • The bleachers are engineered to resist horizontal wind loads. These loads can be 30 psf (pounds per square foot) of the gross vertical projection, whether or not there is a live load present.
      4. Sway Forces:

        • Apart from the live load and wind forces, the bleachers are also constructed to withstand sway forces.
        • Specifically, they can resist 24 plf of seat plank force in a direction parallel to the length of the seat, and 10 plf of seat plank force in a direction perpendicular to the seat’s length.


      Not Included:

      • Shop drawings (sold separately).
      • Anchor kits (sold separately).