Heat Exhaust Hoods - Made in Canada

Heat Exhaust Hoods - Made in Canada

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    • Heat Exhaust hoods are designed to collect and exhaust heat, moisture, dust, fumes, vapors, grease, oils, chips, particles, paint, or engine exhaust from industrial, manufacturing, and chemical processing applications.

    • Canopy, barrel, and slotted fume hoods are available in standard or custom fabrications to specific customer requirements. With Taimco's complete Plasma Cutting and weld department, the possibilities are endless. Numerous materials and thicknesses are available.

    • Exhaust and Ventilation become a necessity for all industries the right ventilation / Exhaust system is very important to properly exhaust your smoke, steam, heat, and Oduors for both health and safety reasons in creating a clean air environment for your patrons and staff. At Taimco, we have been building and supplying Commercial Ventilation and Exhaust Canopies that meet Canadian Standards of safety and performance.

    • All our heat exhaust hoods are custom-made, meeting the health and fire regulations for your industrial Factory or workshop while at the same time meeting the physical limitations of your space.


    Industrial Exhaust Hood Code Requirements

    Every Exhaust Hood must adhere to a variety of rules, regulations, and codes to operate legally, these regulations are essential for preventing hazards and maintaining air quality in a commercial setting, Exhaust hoods are essential in laboratories and industrial applications for removing, fumes, mists, vapours, aerosols, particulates, hazardous substances, and polluting contaminants, there are different types of Hoods, Back shelf Hoods, Wall Style Canopy Hoods, Island Style Canopy hoods, Non-Filtered Hoods, Condensate Hoods.
    1. The Hood CFM Capacity, there is a detailed engineering study for finding the CFM required to be moved by the hood but there is another much easier way to calculate the CFM of a hood CFM is equal to the area of the hood in (square feet) multiplied by 90.
    2. Type II hoods shall be installed above Machines and appliances that produce heat or moisture and do not produce grease or smoke as a result of the cooking process, except where the heat and moisture load from such appliances are incorporated into the HVAC system design or into the design of a separate removal system. Type II hoods shall be installed above all appliances that produce products of combustion and do not produce grease or smoke as a result of the cooking process.
    3. Type II hoods are used to exhaust the excess heat produced by ovens, pasta cookers and commercial machines and appliances.
    4. Exhaust hoods, also referred to as condensate hoods, help remove excess heat from the air, creating a more comfortable work environment for the individuals working nearby.
    5. At a rate of 0.70 CFM per square foot. For the purpose of determining the floor area required to be exhausted, each individual appliance that is not required to be installed under a Type II hood shall be considered as occupying not less than 100 sq. ft. The such additional square footage shall be provided with exhaust at a rate of 0.70 cfm per square foot.

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