Cantilever Galvanized Track – Channel | Model # GIPI5 ( Pack of 5 )

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TAIMCO line of durable cantilever gates accessories and hardware, Build the gate right on the track. Galvanized steel track’s structural properties allow high loads without distortion. The track is made from low carbon steel alloy for excellent weldability. Available in 3 M ( 10' ) and 5.8 M ( 20’ ) lengths.


  • The track can be attached to the gate by welding or mechanically fastening, can be Bolt/screw on the gate frame or can be welded.
  • Used for Cantilever Gates, finished with zinc plated.
  • Normally works with Track / Channel, Guide Wheel, End Stop and Channel End Cap.
  • We have Two sizes 3 M & 5.8 M.
  • Martial is Steel with zinc plated finished, No Zinc or paint tracks are available too , suitable for painted any colure.
  • Get All Specification And Dimensions.
  • Minimum Order Quantity each size : 5




The cantilever slide gate is the right choice for your project, application, or environment? The cantilever gate design is counter-balanced to allow the gate to smoothly slide out in a linear motion, closing an opening beyond its vertical support. It’s the perfect solution in environments where a large opening is necessary. Industrial grade cantilever slide gate systems are ideal for locations ranging Like Military bases, Railroads, Public service buildings, Factories or industrial plants, the Benefits are:

  1. Safer operation with less chance of the gate interfering or making contact with vehicles or objects.
  2. Lower overall costs with an automated gate design that eliminates the need for additional operators.
  3. Reduced maintenance and upkeep as a sliding gate path is easier to keep clean of debris and clear in the snow.
  4. Minimum Order Quantity each size : 5


You Can Download specs and dimensions for the different channels

Details and Specs 

Installation Tips

Installation Tips;

For Steel Gate Frame Installation the best is to weld the gate frame to the track, however you can install the wood gate as well on the same track Channel, in a few different ways:

  1. Bolt/screw on the gate frame – drill up and thru the top of the cantilever track and bolt the frame to the track. Caution – use
    counter sinking bolts/screws so that nothing protrudes into the track cavity or carriage wheels will get stuck and the gate will not
  2. Weld small steel tabs (2″ x 3″ or similar size) with bolt holes along both edges of the track (like alligator skin). Bolt thru these into
    the gate frame.
  3. Bolt a length of steel flat bar (or 2x steel L-angle iron) along the bottom length of the gate frame, then weld this flat bar to the top
    of the cantilever track. For added bond, use epoxy along the length of the flat bar
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