Old Oak Sculpture | Metal Art – Model # MA1151

Old Oak Sculpture | Metal Art – Model # MA1151

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    This Unique art metal design for an outdoor garden or indoor building hall and Enertance, this sculpture showcases a beautiful autumn-based design that will impress. The laser-cut design is sleek and stylish.

    We use laser-cut with powder coating for our elegant designs. This steel art is well built and weather substantial to last long giving you the best quality, this old oak tree sculpture is one of our most intricate pieces. The slotted pieces create a 3d effect meaning the sculpture can be admired evenly from all angles. This is perfect as a feature piece or add it to a garden for a perfect contrast of our rusted metal against natural green foliage. Mount or bolt this to the ground for extra stability when surviving the elements.  

    Made in Canada with Canadian Steel adding stunning aesthetics in your house, the high-quality panel, specially designed for the easiest installation offers a great combination of strength, corrosion resistance, and affordable price! 

    We offer customization by bigger or even smaller Cubes of the same design or even other design pattern options.

      • architectural garden sculpture.
      • 5mm laser cut mild steel
      • Natural Rusted finish or Paint Finished based on customer request
      • Easy Site Installation.
      • Made in Canada in our Workshop in Mississauga, Canada.
      • Contact us for all Custom sizes and designs at 12899992334 or email us at info@taimco.ca.

    The Old Oak Sculpture gracefully combines the timeless beauty of an ancient oak tree with the contemporary allure of plasma cut metal art. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this stunning creation captures the essence of nature's splendor and infuses it with a touch of modernity.
    Standing tall and majestic, the sculpture portrays a weathered oak tree with sprawling branches and intricate textures meticulously formed from steel. The artist masterfully replicates the timeless elegance of the oak's gnarled bark, bringing forth a sense of history and wisdom.
    The juxtaposition of the delicate leaves delicately cut from steel, adds a touch of warmth and depth to its metallic frame. Each leaf showcases the intricate veins and natural imperfections, paying homage to the magnificent harmony and resilience of nature.
    The Old Oak Sculpture undoubtedly serves as a centerpiece that brings nature's enduring beauty into any space, whether it graces the walls of a modern gallery or accentuates the serenity of a quaint garden. It is a testament to the fusion of craftsmanship, creativity, and metal artistry.

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