3D Aluminum Curved Plate and Steel Framed Main Door | Model # A3DC 4326

3D Aluminum Curved Plate and Steel Framed Main Door | Model # A3DC 4326

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    The security door market has seen little innovation in recent years, but this is about to change. Cast aluminum doors are set to become the new standard in the door market.

    These doors not only offer the advantages of the currently popular copper doors but also address their shortcomings, such as susceptibility to rust, damage, and maintenance difficulties. Cast aluminum doors are more durable and easier to maintain.

    They exude a luxurious, noble, and elegant atmosphere, making them the preferred choice for villas, high-end apartments, and luxury hotels. The future looks bright for cast aluminum doors, with a clear trend towards their popularity.


    3D aluminum curved doors are a modern and stylish option for both residential and commercial spaces. Here are some key points to consider:

      • Aesthetic Appeal: These doors offer a sleek, contemporary look with their smooth, curved design. They can add a unique architectural element to any building.
      • Durability: Made from aluminum and Galvanized Steel Frame, these doors are resistant to rust, corrosion, and weathering, making them suitable for various climates.
      • Lightweight: Aluminum is lighter than many other metals, which makes these doors easier to install and reduces the strain on hinges and frames.
      • Customization: 3D aluminum curved doors can be customized in terms of size, finish, and color to match the specific design requirements of your space.
      • Energy Efficiency: these doors come with thermal breaks and insulation options, which help in reducing heat transfer and improving energy efficiency.
      • Low Maintenance: These doors require minimal maintenance compared to wood or steel doors. They do not need frequent painting or staining.
      • Security: Despite being lightweight, aluminum doors can be very secure. They often come with reinforced frames and can be fitted with high-security locks.



      • Material, Steel Frame with Cast or 3D Aluminum Curved Cladding.
      • Gate Frame Depth 4".
      • Frame Tubes Thickness 0.078" (Gauge 14).
      • Aluminum Plate thickness 10 mm (Gauge 10).
      • UV Colour Resistance.
      • All Steel Parts are hot-dip Galvanized. 


      • This product is recommended to be installed by a professional team.
      • Orders cannot be cancelled, returned, or refunded after purchase, as this custom-made order we don't stick the product we make them as orders come in.
      • All the custom metal product orders are final sales.
      • Doors may need minor touch-up paint due to the nature of shipping.
      • What comes inside the Box is an iron Doors Door, Double Pan Glass, Frame, roller catch, door sweep, mounting tabs, threshold, Door handles and locksets, and weatherstrip.
      • to match your needs. If the size and design you want are not listed on our website, please contact us.
      • Lead time for the product is 6-8 weeks.
      • For more information, please email us at info@taimco.ca


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