Aluminum Pathway Ramp with Guard Rail  Model ALRWGR

Aluminum Pathway Ramp with Guard Rail Model ALRWGR

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    The Modular Ramp System is designed for safe, customizable, and code-compliant access to commercial and institutional spaces. Here are the key features:

    1. Material: The ramp is constructed entirely from lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum, making it virtually maintenance-free.
    2. Easy Installation: The entire system can be installed in just a few hours using minimal tools.
    3. Configurations: Standard kits offer a choice of 16 ramp lengths ranging from 6 feet to 36 feet. Each kit includes a 5’x5’ landing platform, picketed handrails, end loops, legs, and feet.
    4. Modular Design: allowing for easy reconfiguration, relocation, or expansion based on changing mobility needs.
    5. Measurement: To determine the appropriate ramp length, consider a standard 12:1 slope (approximately 4.8° angle) based on your rise (e.g., an 8-foot ramp for an 8-inch rise).
    6. This ramp complies with ADA, IBC, OSHA, and most local code guidelines. It features a 48-inch wide walkway, raised-rib tread for traction, and adjustable legs for uneven ground. 


    Key Features :

    • Compliance: The ramp adheres to ADA, IBC, OSHA, and local code guidelines, ensuring regulatory compliance.
    • Walkway and Landing Platform: The system features a 48-inch wide walkway leading to a 5-foot square landing platform.
    • Traction: All walking surfaces are equipped with a raised-rib tread for effective cross-directional traction.
    • Ramp Sides and Handrails:
      • Curb Design: The ramp sides incorporate 4-inch curbs for safety.
      • Continuous Handrails: The system includes continuous handrails for secure movement.
      • Top Rail with Picketed Inserts: The top rail features picketed inserts, enhancing stability.
    • Adjustable Legs: The legs are independently adjustable, allowing easy levelling even on uneven ground.
    • Material Durability:
      • Aircraft-Quality Aluminum: Manufactured from corrosion-resistant aluminum, the ramp withstands high-traffic use in all weather conditions.
      • Rust and Rot Resistance: It will not rust or rot over time.
    • Installation Ease: The system can be installed by 2-3 people within a few hours.
    • Length Options: Available in 16 ramp lengths, ranging from 6 feet to 36 feet.
    • Weight capacity: 100 pounds per square foot and a concentrated vertical load of 300 pounds
    • Download Ramp Measurement Guide.  
    • Lead time 6-8 Weeks. 
    • Two-Year Warranty. 


     Ramp Length Size Inches Weight Lbs
    6 Feet 154.5"L x 65.5"W 250
    8 Feet 178.5"L x 65.5"W 315
    10 Feet 202.5"L x 65.5"W 345
    12 Feet 226.5"L x 65.5"W 390
    14 Feet 255.5"L x 65.5"W 457
    16 Feet 274.5"L x 65.5"W 487
    18 Feet 298.5"L x 65.5"W 532
    20 Feet 322.5"L x 65.5"W 598
    22 Feet 346.5"L x 65.5"W 628
    24 Feet 370.5"L x 65.5"W 674
    26 Feet 394.5"L x 65.5"W 742
    28 Feet 418.5"L x 65.5"W 772
    30 Feet 442.5"L x 65.5"W 817
    32 Feet 466.5"L x 65.5"W 1010
    34 Feet 490.5"L x 65.5"W 1040
    36 Feet 514.5"L x 65.5"W 1082