Aluminum Sunroom Frame - Garden House  – Model # SUNR4347

Aluminum Sunroom Frame - Garden House – Model # SUNR4347

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        • Thermal break aluminum profiles.
        • Aluminum alloy profiles.
        • 4~2.0mm aluminum profile thickness.
        • Dimensions are 12' height X 10' Length X 11' wide.
        • Double-tempered glazing is made up of two panes of glass that are separated by a gas-filled vacuum chamber ( Upgrade option ).
        • Single-tempered glazing.
        • Laminated glazing is made up of two or more lites of glass permanently bonded together with one or more polymer interlayers using heat and pressure ( Upgrade option ).
        • Low-e glazing, frosted/obscure glazing contains a microscopic coating that makes a window more thermally efficient. The coating is thin, non-toxic and virtually colourless, ( Upgrade option ).
        • Grey/Blue/Green tinted glazing with tinting Film applied to single Tempered Glass. 



    This Aluminum Sunroom blends a classic design with a modern touch, featuring simple lines that create a balanced and elegant look, this home extension can suit any style of house with harmony.

      • Dimensions, This structure is professionally engineered to be constructed of 3.5’ panels that allow for high adaptability. The length is 10' and the height 12' is fixed, while the width can be adjusted in 3.5’ increments to be 11’, 14.5’, or 18’, and so on.
      • Color, You can choose from different colors, such as a natural wood grain texture or a grey and wood combination that contrasts the inside and outside.
      • Panel Flexibility. You can customize each panel as a fixed glass, an awning window, or a swing door; you can also turn two adjacent panels into a patio door.
      • Custom Design, we can customize this sunroom to meet your house space accordingly.