Beach House Playground and Slides | Model # PG43374

Beach House Playground and Slides | Model # PG4374

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    We introduce a meticulously designed playground for parks, public residences, and school projects. Nestled against the picturesque backdrop of Mount Fuji, this playground exudes timeless charm. 

    The playground’s transparent design ensures that parents and teachers can observe children at play, fostering both safety and joy in their growth.


      • Stainless Steel Plate: Crafted from 304 stainless steel, the 3mm-thick plate features a brushed finish, resulting in a smooth surface free from imperfections.
      • Galvanized Pipe: Constructed from hot-dip galvanized steel with a minimum wall thickness of 2.5mm, these pipes undergo meticulous processing. Professional technicians degrease, sand, and phosphate, and polish them before applying a high-temperature electrostatic powder coating (using imported outdoor-friendly polyester powder). The result is a UV-resistant, vibrant, and durable surface.
      • φ16mm Rope and Rubber-Coated Platform: These components enhance safety and comfort.
      • Plastic Accessories: Made from Sinopec environmentally friendly non-toxic plastic, these accessories boast a wall thickness of at least 5mm. They are anti-ultraviolet, anti-static, and crack-resistant, prioritizing safety and environmental consciousness.


      The playground features are:
        • 4, Four Roofs
        • 5, Five slides.
        • 1, climbing rock.
        • 1, tunnel.
        • 5, different ways to access the play area.
        • several panels that children can interact with.
        • various decorative elements that add to the fun.


        • 3 years for plastic parts, 5 years for metal parts and components


      This playground will give every child a little room in his heart to make himself happy. The designer uses fresh and elegant panels and combines the actual needs to create a peculiar tree house. The whole park combines the sports needs of older children and designs a series of sports expansions to enrich the play elements. The overall transparent design allows parents and teachers to see the children’s play process and feel the joy of their growth.

        • All Metal Parts are Hot-dip galvanized steel structure
        • Custom colors are available at the customer's choice (Several RAL options).
        • Decks and stairs are fully covered with non-slip rubber.
        • High-density rotomolded polyethylene plastic components.
        • Playground size: 40’ L X 42’ WX 20’ H.
        • Safe Zone: 47’ L X 94’ W
        • Age category: 3 Years to 15 Years
        • Maximum capacity: 50 children’s
        • CAN/CSA Z-614 compliant.
        • Anti-UV.
        • Anti-static.
        • Security.
        • Environmental protection.
        • Color is not easy to fade.
        • Orders Lead Time is 10-12 weeks.

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