Bronze Art Bruno Catalano Traveller Statue Model # MSC1309

Bronze Art Bruno Catalano Traveller Statue Model # MSC1309

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    • Classic bronze statue by renowned French sculptor Bruno Catalano

    • Imprinted with the artist's unique style and cultural significance

    • Remarkable talent showcased in this attention-grabbing art piece

    • Loved by many and considered a collectible item

    • Perfect for home or office decor

    • A must-have for art lovers and collectors

    • Represents a tribute to the art world and its cultural impact

    • Handcrafted with exquisite detail and quality craftsmanship

    • Makes a great gift for any art enthusiast or collector

    • Adds sophistication and elegance to any space

    • Available in any customized size 

    • Production time of only 40-45 days

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