Cantilever Gates | Heavy Duty Entrance Gate | Model # CAGP

Cantilever Gates | Heavy Duty Entrance Gate | Model # CAGP

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    The cantilever Gate is the right choice for your project, application, or environment? The cantilever gate design is counter-balanced to allow the gate to Move out in a linear motion, closing an opening beyond its vertical support. It’s the perfect solution in environments where a large opening is necessary. Industrial-grade cantilever Gate systems are ideal for locations ranging Like Military bases, Railroads, Public service buildings, Factories, or industrial plants, the Benefits are:

        1. Safer operation with less chance of the gate interfering or making contact with vehicles or objects.
        2. Lower overall costs with an automated gate design that eliminates the need for additional operators.
        3. Reduced maintenance and upkeep as a sliding gate path is easier to keep clean of debris and clear in the snow.

    TAIMCO line of durable cantilever gates is designed to close single openings up to 60 feet, it can be extended to fit any application, Features and benefits of our cantilever gate products include:

        • We Custom Designed and built to order to meet all needs and applications.
        • Top track Gate frame members are keyed to fully interlock with each other or welded to form the Gate.
        • Stainless steel or galvanized cable cross-bracing along the entire gate length.
        • Truck assemblies are designed for slide gate use and weather-protected for longer-life use.
        • 5-year warranty.
        • Self-aligning, sealed lubricant ball-bearing wheels.
        • Supplied with gap protectors and guide roller covers.