Circular outdoor metal Tree Bench | Model COLL1696

Circular outdoor metal Tree Bench | Model COLL1696

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by Taimco
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    Circular Tree Bench is a sturdy and durable outdoor bench made of electro-coated steel with an anti-corrosion finish. Its circular design is perfect for encircling trees, plants, or other objects while maximizing seating capacity. The bench is ideal for commercial use and is available with optional memorial plaques.

    Material Specification

    • Round bench with backrest Seat made of high-performance Certified Steel (STL.) components is electro-coated with anti-corrosion treatment.
    • We Carried Variation of the Model full circle, half, and any curve more or less of half circle angle that might be needed to accommodate and match job site shapes.
    • The concrete and planks are further treated with a protection coating, which makes the product even more resistant to aggressive atmospheric conditions.‎
    • Stainless steel elements connecting Accessories.
    • Diameter 2450 mm.
    • Total Height 814 mm.
    • Seat Height: 31.16" (79.1cm).
    • Depth: 22.75" (57.8cm).


    • Electrostatically applied Powder Coating Over Zinc Plated metal


    • Stainless-steel tamper-proof Bolts with epoxy Anchors.

    Note: All Custom sizes, shapes and color can be customized.