Contemporary Metal Sculpture for Outdoor Plaza Decoration with Abstract Design Model # SSS1232

Contemporary Metal Sculpture for Outdoor Plaza Decoration with Abstract Design Model # SSS1232

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    • Distinct Design: Characterized by prominent and winding lines, evoking upward growth and positivity.

    • Symbolic Presence: Resembles both an aspiring form reaching skyward and grass growing upwards, conveying positive energy.

    • Decorative Potential: Ideal as a captivating decorative artwork for modern outdoor public spaces.

    • Crafting Process: Creation involves crafting a 1:1 metal skeleton, ensuring rust protection, cutting stainless steel sheets, shaping arcs, welding components, and meticulous surface polishing.

    • Stainless Steel Advantage: Widely employed in contemporary sculptures due to its robustness, flexibility, corrosion resistance, and potential for varied finishes.

    • Long-lasting Preservation: Corrosion resistance contributes to the sculpture's enduring longevity.

    • Artistic Endeavor: Reflects the fusion of craftsmanship and creativity, embodying contemporary aesthetics.

    • Suitable for: Enhancing outdoor plaza environments through its artistic and symbolic presence.

    • Available in any customized size 

    • Production time of only 40-45 days

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