Contemporary Oversized Sculpture: Abstract Sun Voyager Model #SSS1245

Contemporary Oversized Sculpture: Abstract Sun Voyager Model #SSS1245

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by Taimco
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    • High-Quality Stainless Steel Art: Crafted from premium stainless steel, this sculpture stands out.

    • Abstract Sailboat Design: Its distinctive shape resembles an abstract sailboat, featuring fish bone-like skeletons.

    • The Sun Voyager in Reykjavik: Located on Sæbraut Road in Reykjavik, Iceland, this sculpture is known as a dream ship or ode to the sun.

    • Symbol of Aspiration: It symbolizes a commitment to uncharted territory, embodying hope, progress, and freedom.

    • Versatile Placement: Ideal for public areas near water, rivers, seasides, swimming pools, and as decorative pieces.

    • Cultural Significance: This monumental sculpture on blue waters adds cultural heritage and evokes emotional connections, creating a unique ambiance.

    • Customizable Sizing: Tailor the size to your specific needs to enhance its suitability for your setting. Additionally, you can combine it with other stainless steel sculptures for a stunning outdoor display on beaches, grasslands, commercial centers, squares, parks, and more.

    • Available in any customized size 

    • Production time of only 40-45 days