8 Gauge x 2"  PVC Coated Black - Chain Link Fence Fabric  Brown, and Green 50' Rolls – Model CLFF871-2IN

8 Gauge x 2" PVC Coated Black - Chain Link Fence Fabric Brown, and Green 50' Rolls – Model CLFF871-2IN

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    8 gauge Galvanized PVC-coated chain link fabric stretched on a commercial or industrial frame is the best choice for a fence installation of the highest quality. 

    8 gauge chain link fence fabric is by far the most popular choice for quality residential, commercial, and heavy-duty industrial fencing applications. Our 8 gauge chain link fence is strong, secure, and made to last!

    Our heavy-duty 8 gauge chain link fence is often found in the following applications:

      • High Quality Residential Projects
      • Self-Storage Facilities
      • Dog Boarding and Breeder Kennel Facilities
      • Playgrounds, Day Care Facilities, and Churches
      • Schools, Universities, and Parks
      • Baseball Backstops, Sideline, and Homerun Fences
      • Tennis Courts
      • Small and Large Businesses
      • Fencing for the Oil and Gas Industry
      • Federal and State Prisons, Airports, and other High-Security Projects


    8 gauge chain link fabric is available in either Galvanized After Weave (GAW) or Galvanized Before Weave (GBW) finishes which come in a 1.2 oz coating, meeting ASTM A 392-96 Class I specifications.

    • KxK Selvage = Knuckle x Knuckle (Chain link top and bottoms are bent over).
    • KxT Selvage = Knuckle x Twist (Chain link is twisted at one end to form two barbs, while the other is bent over).

    Specifications :              

    8 gauge Vinyl Extruded and Bonded chain link fence fabric has an 11 gauge steel core which is coated with a 'glue' and then coated in vinyl. This material finishes out at an 8 gauge finish.

    This fabric meets Federal Specifications: RR-F-191/1D, Type IV; ASTM F-668, Class 2A

    • About mesh size:   In layman's terms, Extruded Vinyl, when cut with a knife, can be peeled off like a banana. However, it does not peel easily. Extruded and Bonded Vinyl is also adhered to the wire and would have to be cut off completely, much like peeling a potato. Extruded costs less than Extruded and Bonded.
    • Note about gaugesThe galvanized fabric mesh for 11-1/2 gauge measures 2-1/4". The 11, 9, and 6 gauge galvanized mesh measures 2". Mesh size is the measured distance between two parallel sides (see illustration).


    Fence Height            Weight per 50' Roll
    3' 75 lbs.
    3-1/2' 88 lbs.
    4' 100 lbs.
    5' 125lbs.
    6' 150 lbs.
    7' 175 lbs.
    8' 200 lbs.
    10' 250 lbs.
    12' 300 lbs.