8 Gauge Class 2B (9ga. Core) x 2" PVC Coated Black - Chain Link Fence Fabric  Brown, and Green 50' Rolls – Model CLFF874-2IN

8 Gauge Class 2B (9ga. Core) x 2" PVC Coated Black - Chain Link Fence Fabric Brown, and Green 50' Rolls – Model CLFF874-2IN

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    Shop our Fused and Bonded Chain Link Fence Fabric, available here in an 8 Gauge Finish (9 gauge core) x 2" Mesh Size. Our 8 Gauge (Class 2B) Fused and Bonded chain link fence fabric is a great choice for high-quality commercial and industrial fence projects alike and is available in Black, Brown, and Green finishes. We are proud to offer this high-quality mesh, which is available in 3', 3-1/2', 4', 5', 6', 7', 8', 10', and 12' High.

    Our Fused and Bonded Chain Link Fabric is superior to standard extruded or extruded and bonded chain link. The 9 Gauge steel core wire is first drawn out and hot dip galvanized. Next, the now galvanized core is coated with a thermoset bonding agent (heat-activated or cured glue) and then coated with the PVC material. Lastly, the wire strand is baked to thermally fuse the PVC coating to the wire which is ultimately weaved into our 2" x 10 ga core (11 ga finish) Fused and Bonded Chain Link Fabric.

    Our Color-coated chain link fence system allows customers to match the siding, roofing, and trim colors on their businesses and facilities, or help it to fade into the background in wooded properties. We offer a full line of colored frameworks, fittings, and gates to match the fabric. Customers may also choose to pair the colored fabric with galvanized framework, which is also common practice.

    Many customers will also use an ornamental aluminum or vinyl fence for the front-facing areas of their properties, and use the more economical chain link fence for the rest of the property. The smooth nature of the materials lends itself to playgrounds and dog parks.


    • KxK Selvage = Knuckle x Knuckle (Chain link top and bottoms are bent over).
    • KxT Selvage = Knuckle x Twist (Chain link is twisted at one end to form two barbs, while the other is bent over).

    Specifications :              

    8 Gauge Finish (Class 2B) Vinyl Fused and Bonded chain link fence fabric has a 9 gauge galvanized steel core which is coated with a heat-activated 'glue', coated in vinyl, and then baked. This provides an extremely durable and high-quality finish. Fused and adhered PVC-coated steel chain link fence fabric is warranted for 15 years against failure due to rust or corrosion.

    This fabric meets Federal Specifications: RR-F-191/1D, Type IV; ASTM F-668, Class A. The coating adhesion meets ASTMF668 for Class 2B.

    8 Gauge Fused and Bonded Chain Link Fence Fabric is typically used in high-quality commercial and industrial projects

    • About mesh size:  This fused and bonded chain link fabric measures 2". Mesh size is the measured distance between two parallel sides
    • Note about gaugesThe smaller the number, the heavier the fabric; henceforth 9ga. is heavier than 11ga.. We recommend 11ga. for residential jobs and 9ga. for commercial jobs. Heavier gauges are not only stronger but have a better finish; The heavier the gauge the longer it may be 'hot-dip galvanized' to prevent rust and corrosion.


    Fence Height            Weight per 50' Roll
    3' 114 lbs.
    3-1/2' 133 lbs.
    4' 152 lbs.
    5' 190 lbs.
    6' 228 lbs.
    7' 266 lbs.
    8' 304 lbs.
    10' 380 lbs.
    12' 456 lbs.