ADA Bleacher Series 4 Row System - Model BLECADA4

ADA Bleacher Series 4 Row System - Model BLECADA4

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    The Mobility Series Aluminum Bleachers are designed for accessibility. They include designated seating areas for wheelchairs and mobility devices, along with companion seating to meet ADA requirements. Additionally, these bleachers have a 4-foot-wide center aisle with mid-aisle handrails. The understructure is made of a 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy angle frame, making it suitable for level sites. Installation options include attaching to a concrete foundation or using in-ground earth anchors.


    Key Features:

      1. Row Units: Available in 4, 5, 8, and 10 rows.
      2. Front Row Seat Height: Comfortable 17 inches.
      3. Seat Planks: Constructed from 2"x10" nominal, extruded 6063-T6 aluminum alloy with a clear anodized finish.
      4. Tread Planks: Comprised of two 2"x10" nominal, extruded 6063-T6 aluminum alloy planks with a mill finish.
      5. Length Options: Choose from lengths of 15’, 21’, 24’, 27’, and 33’.
      6. Access: Convenient access via stairs.
      7. Understructure: Sturdy aluminum angle frame.
      8. Footboards: Equipped with double footboards.
      9. Guardrail Options: Available in either chain link or picket style.
      10. Riser Planks: Made of 1"x6" extruded aluminum alloy with a clear anodized finish, positioned under each row.
      11. These features ensure a durable and accessible seating solution for various venues.


      Length Options: We manufacture 4-row bleachers in the following lengths:

      Length     Seating Capacity      Weight       Dimensions
      15'L 26 Seat + 2 UA Spaces 860 LB 15' L x 7'D
      21’L 37 Seat + 2 UA Spaces 980 LB 21’L x 7' D
      24'L 47 Seat + 4 UA Spaces 1150 LB 24’L x 7' D
      27’L 48 Seat + 4 UA Spaces 1240 LB 27’L x 7' D
      33'L 63 Seat + 4 UA Spaces 1467 LB 33’L x  7' D



      1. Load Capacity and Deflection:

        • All seat and foot planks can handle a uniform load of 200 pounds per linear foot (plf) across a 6-foot span. The maximum deflection allowed is 9/16 inch.
        • The bleachers are designed to support their own weight as well as a uniformly distributed live load of at least 100 pounds per square foot (psf) based on the gross horizontal projection of the seating area.
      2. Wind Load Resistance:

        • Regardless of live load presence, the bleachers are engineered to withstand a horizontal wind load of 30 psf based on the gross vertical projection.
      3. Sway Forces:

        • In addition to the live load, the design accounts for sway forces. The seat planks can resist 24 plf of force parallel to the seat length and 10 plf perpendicular to the seat length.
      4. Structural Integrity:

        • Under rigorous testing, stresses in the aluminum members and connections do not exceed the limits specified for building-type structures by the Aluminum Association.
      5. Mobility Access Features:

        • Each UA Pocket in the Mobility Access Bleacher Model provides ample space for two wheelchair/mobility devices along with adjacent companion seats.
        • For the 15’ and 21’ Models, you can choose the aisle orientation: Left, Center, or Right side.
      6. Guardrail System:

        • The guardrail system encloses all three sides of the bleacher.
        • Options include either chain link or vertical picket construction.
        • The chain link railing consists of 1-5/8" anodized aluminum tubing with end caps at straight runs and elbows at corners.
        • Tie-down assemblies secure the railing using adjustable aluminum clips, galvanized nuts, bolts, and washers.
        • The 2", 9-gauge galvanized chain link fencing is fastened with galvanized fittings and aluminum ties.
        • The top of the railing sits 42 inches above the center of any adjacent seat.
        • Importantly, the guardrail system ensures that no opening exceeds 4 inches at any location more than 30 inches above grade, including the triangular region beneath the seat formed by the tread and rise.


      Not Included:

      • Shop drawings (sold separately).
      • Anchor kits (sold separately).