Stainless Steel Variable Capacity Top Open Cylinder Style Model SST4459-Taimco

Stainless Steel Variable Capacity Top Open Cylinder Style Model SST4459

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      • The variable capacity tank is also utilized by advanced users for smaller quantities.
      • Its excellent price-performance ratio and convenient size have contributed to its global popularity.
      • The tank features a floating lid (accessory) that adjusts its volume to match the actual content and securely locks it in place.
      • Additionally, the tanks are reinforced with a strengthening rim, and their flat base ensures high stability, consistent with all Speidel tanks.
      • These tanks can be used for storage, fermentation, Wine, Spirits, Juce, Must, Cider, Beer and Mixed drinks.

      Application and usage Range: 

      • Storage.
      • Maturation.
      • Fermentation.
      • Wine
      • Must

      Standard Equipment for Variable Capacity

      • AISI304 stainless steel, outside and inside surface.
      • Open tank top with strengthening rim.
      • Flat tank bottom.
      • External litre scale.
      • 17 mm RIM width up to 290 litres. 
      • 42 mm RIM width up to 1200 litres. 

      Capacity ( Litres ) Dia mm Height mm
      110 440 765
      220 550 999
      290 630 999
      650 820 1328
      1100 1000 1493
      1600 1200 1493

      • Lead Fabrication time 6-8 Weeks.
      • Floating Cap, with Sealing hose (natural-coloured / transparent), air hose, air pump manometer and vent screw connection included. 
      • For all Custom Sizes and Different applications Please fill out the form and email it to for the Quotation Cylinder SS Tank

      Stainless Steel Tanks Specification 

      Stainless steel, available in various grades, is tailored to handle different substances and chemicals. These grades vary in terms of corrosion resistancestrengthtoughness, and performance under extreme temperatures. During stainless steel fabrication, the following commonly used grades come into play:

        • 304/304L: Stainless steel 304 comprises 18 to 20% chromium, 8 to 11% nickel, and 2% manganese. It offers adequate corrosion resistance for most applications. It is also less costly compared to other options.
        • 316/316L: 316/316L comprises 6 to 18% chromium, 10 to 14% nickel, 2 to 3% molybdenum, and 2% manganese. The addition of molybdenum adds an extra layer of corrosion resistance to make 316/316L more resistant to chemicals than stainless steel 304.
        • Duplex: Duplex stainless steel is a blend of ferritic and austenitic metallurgical structures. It contains 20 to 28% chromium, 2 to 5% molybdenum, and 5 to 8% nickel. Austenitic stainless steel is superior to ferritic in terms of corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.

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