Tip N Roll 3 Row Low Rise Bleachers System - Model BLECTNR3

Tip N Roll 3 Row Low Rise Bleachers System - Model BLECTNR3

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    1. Footboards:

      • Constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy extrusion, these footboards offer a high strength-to-weight ratio.
      • Their natural composition provides corrosion resistance.
      • The walking surface features a standard mill finish.
      • The aluminum welds are chemically cleaned for durability.
    2. Hardware:

      • The hardware used is galvanized, ensuring it won’t rust like zinc-plated hardware.
    3. Tip N Roll Bleachers:

      • These bleachers can be easily rolled out and positioned as needed for additional seating.
      • Non-marring rubber foot pads come standard to protect floors.
    4. Preferred Series ‘Low Rise’ Aluminum Bleachers:

      • These bleachers feature double-foot planks, providing more comfortable and wider walkways.

    Feel free to reach out if you need further information!


    Key Features:


    1. Row Units:

      • Available in 3-row and 4-row configurations.
    2. Front Row Seat Height:

      • 11-1/2 inches from the ground.
    3. Seat Planks:

      • Nominal size: 2 inches x 10 inches.
      • Available lengths: 7-1/2’, 9’, 12’, 15’, 21’, and 24’.
    4. Frame Understructure:

      • Constructed from an aluminum angle for durability.
    5. Foot Pads:

      • Equipped with non-marring rubber foot pads to protect floors.
    6. Exclusive Outrigger (4-Row Models):

      • Enhances stability during movement.

    These features ensure a robust and comfortable seating solution


    Length Options: We manufacture 3-row bleachers in the following lengths:

    Length     Seating Capacity      Weight       Dimensions
    7’ 6" L 15 146 LB 7’6"L x 5' D
    9’L 18 185 LB 9'L x 5' D
    12'L 24 276 LB 12'L x 5' D
    15’L 30 279 LB 15'L x 5' D
    21'L 42 389 LB 21'L x 5' D
    24'L 48 500 LB 24'L x 5' D


      1. Load Accommodation:

        • All seat and foot planks are designed to accommodate a uniformly distributed live load of not less than 100 pounds per square foot (psf) across a 6-foot span.
        • The maximum deflection allowed is 9/16 inch.
      2. Weight Support:

        • The bleachers are engineered to support their own weight in addition to the specified live load.
      3. Wind Load Resistance:

        • The design accounts for a horizontal wind load of 30 psf (gross vertical projection), whether or not a live load is present.
      4. Sway Forces Resistance:

        • In addition to the live load, the bleachers are designed to resist sway forces:
          • 24 plf of seat plank in a direction parallel to the length of the seat.
          • 10 plf of seat plank in a direction perpendicular to the length of the seat.

      These specifications ensure the structural integrity and safety of the bleachers.


       Not Included:

      • Shop drawings (sold separately).
      • Anchor kits (sold separately).