Adirondack Round Steel Firewood Rack | Model # FR547

Adirondack Round Steel Firewood Rack | Model # FR547

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    Constructed from high-quality steel, this firewood rack guarantees durability and longevity. It is specifically designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, giving you peace of mind knowing that your firewood is safe and secure.

    With its ample storage capacity, this rack can comfortably hold a substantial amount of firewood, keeping it organized and easily accessible. Whether you enjoy cozy nights by the fireplace or gathering around a warm bonfire, the Steel Fire Wood Rack is a must-have accessory for any firewood enthusiast. Upgrade your outdoor space today with this stylish and functional addition!

    If you're looking for an attractive, durable, and easy-to-assemble storage solution for your fireplace wood, look no further than our Unique Oxidized Solid Steel Firewood Rack! This freestanding unit is made of heavy tubular steel construction with a double black powder-coated finish for optimal durability, rustproofing, and weather resistance. The package comes with screws and a spanner for installation - no other tools are required. In just a few minutes, you can have this space-saving vertical firewood log rack next to your fireplace, ready to go! With its superior performance in rust resistance, corrosion resistance, and durability, this is the perfect choice for all-weather outdoor use. Don't miss out - order your Unique Oxidized Solid Steel Firewood Rack today!

    Introducing the Adirondack Round Steel Firewood Rack, designed with functionality and style in mind. Crafted from premium quality steel, this round-shaped firewood rack is built to withstand the test of time and provide the perfect solution for storing your firewood. The precise plasma cutting technique ensures clean and sharp edges, adding to its sleek and modern aesthetic.

    With its round design, this firewood rack boasts ample storage space, allowing you to neatly stack and organize your firewood logs. Say goodbye to messy piles and hello to a well-organized space.

    Not only does this steel firewood rack offer exceptional durability, but it also enhances the overall ambiance of your living area, making it an eye-catching piece that complements any decor. Whether your style is contemporary or rustic, this plasma-cut firewood rack is sure to make a statement.

    Upgrade your firewood storage with this stylish and functional steel firewood rack, designed to impress both aesthetically and practically.
    This wood log rack protects firewood from moisture and insects, keeping it tidy and secure even when it rains or snows. Double-black powder-coated steel tubes feature a surface that is weather and rust-resistant. This is the perfect firewood rack for hot, chilly, warm, wet, or dry climates.

    STURDY CONSTRUCTION: This firewood rack is made of heavy tubular steel construction with a double black powder-coated finish, ensuring optimal durability and weather fastness.

    SIMPLE STRUCTURE: The package comes with screws and a spanner for installation, so you can put this rack together without any other tools. It's suitable for all-weather outdoor courtyards.

    DURABLE STEEL CONSTRUCTION: The firewood rack is made to last with superior performance in rust resistance, corrosion resistance and durability. It can be placed next to your fireplace.

    Perfect for stacking or drying firewood in the yard, porch, garden, patio, under skylights, and terrace.


    • The firewood rack's durable steel construction ensures that it will be sturdy and long-lasting.
    • Take it with you indoors or outdoors.
    • Slightly elevated to keep wood dry.
    • Unique design, Powder coated for rust prevention.
    • Easy to assemble, Built strong for Durability
    • Custom sizes available upon request

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