Piret's Henry Morgan Pirate Playground and Slides | Model # PG43373

Piret's Henry Morgan Pirate Playground and Slides | Model # PG4373

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    Our meticulously crafted pirate ship, the Explorer, sets sail on the vast and mysterious sea—an adventure synonymous with excitement. Children can embark on this thrilling journey, exploring the unknown as they navigate the waves.

    The ship’s overall transparent design not only allows parents and teachers to observe the children’s play process but also enables them to share in the joy of their growth.


      • Column: Utilizing cutting-edge seamless glass steel pipe technology, our columns are corrosion-resistant, rust-proof, and exceptionally durable—guaranteed for over 10 years. The painted surface provides UV resistance, ensuring it won’t fade easily. The column’s appearance is meticulously simulated, resembling intricate tree patterns.

      • Galvanized Pipe: Our hot-dip galvanized steel pipes boast a minimum wall thickness of 2.5mm. After comprehensive processing and molding, our skilled technicians perform degreasing, sanding, phosphating, and polishing treatments. The final surface is cured at high temperatures using an electrostatic powder spraying assembly line. The result: a smooth, UV-resistant finish with vibrant colors that won’t peel off.

      • Rope (φ16mm): Coated with rubber for safety and durability.

      • Plastic Accessories: Crafted from Sinopec environmentally friendly non-toxic plastic, these components are anti-ultraviolet, anti-static, and anti-cracking. The wall thickness exceeds 5mm, ensuring both safety and environmental protection.

      • Protection Boards and Play Panels: Made from compact laminate board, these components are built to withstand outdoor conditions.


      The playground features are:
        • 3, Five slides.
        • 1, climbing rock.
        • 1, tunnel.
        • 5, different ways to access the play area.
        • several panels that children can interact with.
        • various decorative elements that add to the fun.


        • 3 years for plastic parts, 5 years for metal parts and components


      This product series enhances children’s visual recognition and exploration abilities through its visualized product appearance and feature-rich equipment. It fully improves children’s figurative thinking and visual development, exercising their balance and body coordination abilities, and familiarity with equipment. It can stimulate children’s creativity and innovation consciousness, and help them develop an optimistic, observant, and thinking-oriented healthy personality

        • All Metal Parts are Hot-dip galvanized steel structure
        • Custom colours are available at the customer's choice (Several RAL options).
        • Decks and stairs are fully covered with non-slip rubber.
        • High-density rotomolded polyethylene plastic components.
        • Playground size: 65’ L X 36’ WX 21’ H.
        • Safe Zone: 72’ L X 43’ W
        • Age category: 3 Years to 15 Years
        • Maximum capacity: 70 children’s
        • CAN/CSA Z-614 compliant.
        • Anti-UV.
        • Anti-static.
        • Security.
        • Environmental protection.
        • The colour is challenging to fade.
        • Orders Lead Time is 10-12 weeks.

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