Lighting Fixtures Powder Coating LFPC1776

Lighting Fixtures Powder Coating LFPC1776

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    When it comes to powder coating technology solutions for lighting fixtures, there are several aspects to consider. Let’s explore some relevant information:

    1. Prismatic Powders: They specialize in powder coatings for the lighting industry. Their offerings include:

      • Color matching services and custom color formulations.
      • Free swatches and hand-curated collections for your material library.
      • A wide range of colors, textures, and finishes, from gloss to matte.
      • Super durable powders that resist fading, corrosion, and demanding lighting conditions.
      • Sustainable, VOC-free coatings for eco-conscious choices.
      • Applications for chandeliers, architectural lighting, lamps, and outdoor fixtures
    2. Doing Powder Coating for outdoor lighting fixtures  suitable for bridges, skyscrapers, shopping malls, airports, and more.  

    3. Using powder-coating to ensure cost-effectiveness for steel fixtures. Powder-coating involves an electromagnetic charge bonding powdered pigment to the material without the need for chemicals or solvents. 

    4. Powder coatings deliver optimal finishes for lighting applications, whether for outdoor durability or trendy interior decorating design. 

    5. powder coating provides durability, protection, and aesthetic appeal to lighting fixtures. Whether you’re a designer, manufacturer, or artist, these solutions empower you to create visually stunning and functional lighting designs!


    Material Available for powder coating:

    Materials intended for powder coating must meet specific criteria: they must be capable of retaining an electrostatic charge and withstanding elevated curing temperatures. As a result of these prerequisites, aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel emerge as the optimal choices for powder coating. Moreover, we have the flexibility to apply powder coating to these materials at various thickness levels.


     Material Thickness
    5052 Aluminum 0.063" - 0.55"
    6061 Aluminum 0.063" - 0.55"
    7075 Aluminum 0.125" - 0.25"
    Mild Steel 0.048" - 0.5"
    G30 Galv Steel  0.036" - 0.059"
    G90 Galv Steel 0.03" - 0.047"
    4130 Chromoly Steel 0.05" - 0.25"
    304 Stainless Steel 0.048" - 0.5"
    316 Stainless Steel  0.06"- 0.25" 


    How to Order Your Powder Coating Parts?  

    • Send us your parts file for Quotation to, file formats can be ( .dxf - .dwg - .ai - .eps - .stp ). 
    • if you do not have the file we can help you build the part-cutting drawings file through the drawing design service we provide, Send us a sketch or template, and we'll help you convert it to a part. 
    • Custom Quote for projects including unique needs or requirements, we can provide a custom quote, Request Quote

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