Rectangular Sunroom Solarium House 10' x 17' - Garden House  – Model # SUNR4356

Rectangular Sunroom Solarium House 10' x 17' - Garden House – Model # SUNR4356

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    Imagine having your private retreat—a backyard solarium shielded from mosquitoes, UV rays, rain, and snow. This elegant structure allows you to enjoy your outdoor space year-round, whether unwinding in your hot tub or simply basking in nature’s beauty. 


    Available Sizes: Choose from Four sizes or any Custom size.

    • Sturdy Construction:
      • Aluminum Frame: The solarium boasts a rustproof aluminum structure.
      • Galvanized Steel Roof: The roof panels are made of durable galvanized steel.
      • Decorative Panels: At the base of the walls, decorative panels add a touch of elegance.

     Functional Design:

      • Sliding Doors: Two single sliding doors can be installed on either side for easy access.
      • Latch Mechanism: While the doors cannot be locked, they provide convenient entry.
      • Windows and Screens:
        • Clear PVC Windows: Removable sliding windows on all walls (including fixed windows in the doors) allow natural light to flood the space.
        • Screens: Fixed screens on all walls (except the doors) keep pesky insects out.

     All-Season Use:

      • The solarium is designed for year-round enjoyment.
      • Regular snow removal from the roof ensures its longevity.
      • orders Lead time is 8-10 weeks.


      1. year warranty against manufacturing defects.
      2. year warranty on roof panels against rust.


    This Aluminum Sunroom blends a classic design with a modern touch, featuring simple lines that create a balanced and elegant look, this home extension can suit any style of house with harmony.

      • Dimensions, This structure's professionally engineered length is 10'x17'. 
      • Color, You can choose from different colors, such as a natural wood grain texture or a grey and wood combination that contrasts the inside and outside.
      • Panel Flexibility. You can customize each panel as a fixed glass, an awning window, or a swing door; you can also turn two adjacent panels into a patio door.
      • Custom Design, we can customize this sunroom to meet your house space accordingly.
      • Download Assambly Instruction SUNR4356.

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