Ship Customizable Aluminum Ladders With Platform and Return 60 & 75 Standard Degrees - Made in Canada - Model # SL1488

Ship Aluminum Ladders With Platform and Return 60 & 75 Standard Degrees - Model # SL1488

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    Aluminum Ladders:

    Ship Ladders offer you the access that your personnel need in one easy-to-install product. You’ll find that a majority of our ship ladders or ship stairs are also sometimes known as crossover ladders because they can be configured to “cross over” mechanical equipment instead of just accessing a roof or mezzanine. It is common to see our aluminum ship ladders in water treatment plants, wineries, breweries, laboratories, food processing facilities, and other environments are either exposed to weather or require frequent washing or sanitation.
      • Our aluminum ship ladders can also be configured to connect two separate buildings or to cross over an expansion joint. In these cases.
      • Our ship ladders can be supplied with a seismic bracket that allows for 1” movement.
    Contact our team today to get the process started and you will quickly see how one small investment can continue to pay big dividends for you over the long term.



    • Our ship ladders are constructed with lightweight, high-strength, non-spark, corrosion-resistant, and maintenance-free aluminum.
    • Our ship ladders are supplied with code-compliant handrails and serrated treads for maximum strength and safety.
    • We offer a standard mill finish for our ladders, we can also anodize or powder coat to any color or finish specified for an additional cost.
    • ship stairs are installed at a slope of 50° to 70° from the horizontal and have open risers with a vertical rise between tread surfaces of 6-1/2" to 12" (165 mm to 304 mm)
    • have a minimum tread depth of 4" (101 mm).
    • have a minimum tread width of 18" (457 mm).
    • Click Here to learn more about the many benefits of using aluminum over steel in commercial and industrial ladder applications.
    • Download All specs and details Here Ladder SL1488 Specification PDF 

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