Slide Gate Nylon Guide Roller Wheel | Model # NR ( Pack of 100 )

Slide Gate Nylon Guide Roller Wheel | Model # NR ( Pack of 100 )

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by Taimco
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      • Using a new type of PA6 nylon material, it is more wear-resistant than the old PP material, with self-lubricating properties, toughness, and high strength.
      • High strength, strong load-bearing, strong corrosion resistance, good rust resistance, durable effectively avoids sliding door from dislodging from track and improves performance.
      • Excellent sliding system for sheave silent tracks and rolling gate guides, equipped to fit any sliding door, or sliding roller shutter.
      • Each roller will be equipped with nuts, a washer, and a bolt. 

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    TAIMCO threaded Rod Mounts For Sliding Doors, Sliding Door Rails Or Other Applications


    • Our rail equipped with olive will help your door to stay on its axis during the manual opening and closing movement or the motorization of sliding doors thanks to the "slim" nylon rollers mounted on the axis which can be Lifts and lets your door Structural Composition: Inner body and nylon tread for a smooth turn.
    • Nylon is a strong material that resists impact and abrasion, as well as low and high temperatures. It is also resistant to chemical agents. Great replacement for wheels when worn out or broken. Used for electric doors, sliding doors, etc.
    • Our nylon caterpillar is made of heavy-duty steel to ensure indoor and outdoor use.
    • Uses: Sliding Door Tracks, Electric Gates, Sliding Rollers, Garage, Sliding Doors, Sliding Door Wheels, Conveyor Belt or Transport Rollers, Transport/Transport Wheels, Anti-Friction Bearings | Applications: industrial and general.
    • Get All Specifications and Dimensions.
    • Minimum Order Quantity ( 100 Pieces ).