Atrium Dome Window Well Cover - Rust Free Aluminum - Transparent Rigid high-grade polycarbonate - Made In Canada - Model # WWC884

Atrium Dome Window Well Cover - Rust Free Aluminum - Transparent Rigid high-grade polycarbonate - Made In Canada - Model # WWC884

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    Custom-Designed Atrium Dome Window Well Cover, these covers are designed to accommodate casement/crank-out style windows that need a unique cover because the low-profile style covers prevent the window from opening out into the well for emergency escape.

    Product Features are:

      1. These crystal–clear window well covers are custom-designed to fit any width, projection, and height. If you have a crank-out or casement window, this dome is designed for you. 
      2. Unobstructed View. Another advantage to this cover is the unobstructed view–on most covers, there is no bracing in your line of sight. 
      3. Durability. The polycarbonate plastic is strong enough to withstand an adult falling on the cover without falling through. 
      4. Ventilation. Optional mesh fronts and sides allow ventilation for your basement, as well as for air conditioning units and other machinery.
      5. Please contact Us for custom sizes and features of polycarbonate bullet-resistant type. either by email at or by calling us at +12899992334

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    The Atrium Dome clear window well cover is designed to protect your well and the portion of your window that comes above the top of your window well. We make these covers to your specific need sizes and structure conditions, like a casement/crank-out window that can’t open with a commonly available low-profile window well cover. Many customers prefer this cover just for the good looks of it!
      • Made from Crystal-Clear Extremely Durable Polycarbonate.
      • UV-Treated to Prevent Yellowing and Breakage.
      • Always Egress Compliant on an Egress-Sized Well.
      • Custom Orders to match your house requirements.
      • we can add locking if needed.
      • Mesh Sides for Ventilation if preferable.


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