Superior Aluminum Bleacher Series 4 Row System - Model BLECSS4

Superior Aluminum Bleacher Series 4 Row System - Model BLECSS4

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    1. Luxurious Seating: These bleachers boast 4 and 8 rows of seating, ensuring ample space for spectators. Each seat is 12 inches wide, providing generous room for comfort.
    2. Backrests: The 7-inch backrests offer additional support, allowing viewers to relax and enjoy the event without strain.
    3. Spacious Tread: With an extra-wide 36-inch tread on every row, attendees can move freely and comfortably.
    4. Materials: The Ultra Series Bleachers are constructed using non-corrosive, pre-tempered grade 6061-T6 alloy aluminum. This ensures durability and longevity, even in outdoor environments.


    Key Features:


    1. Seat Plank:

      • Width: 12 inches
      • Provides a comfortable and spacious seating area for spectators.
    2. Seat Backs:

      • Height: 7 inches
      • Offers additional support and ensures a relaxed viewing experience.
    3. Rise:

      • Vertical distance between rows: 14 inches
      • Allows for optimal sightlines and minimizes obstruction.
    4. Tread:

      • Width of each step: 36 inches
      • Wide tread ensures easy movement between rows.
    5. Length Options:

      • Available in three lengths: 19 feet, 25 feet, and 31 feet
      • Choose the size that best suits your venue.
    6. Front Row Seat Height:

      • Front row elevation: 17 inches
      • Ensures excellent visibility for spectators in the first row.
    7. Closed Deck with Sub Steps:

      • The closed decking design provides a seamless appearance.
      • Subtle steps enhance accessibility for viewers.
    8. Vertical Picket Guardrail:

      • A safety feature that surrounds the seating area.
      • Ensures the well-being of spectators.
    9. Center Aisle with Handrail:

      • Facilitates easy movement within the bleachers.
      • Handrails provide stability and support.
    10. Aluminum Frame:

      • Constructed from durable, non-corrosive 6061-T6 alloy aluminum.
      • Designed to withstand outdoor conditions.


    Length Options: We manufacture 4-row bleachers in the following lengths:

    Length     Seating Capacity      Weight       Dimensions
    20’L 43 Seat 1716 LB 21’L x 11'8" D
    25'L 59 Seat 2244 LB 24’L x 11'8"D
    32'L 75 Seat 2772 LB 33’L x 11'8"D




    • Center Aisle: The bleachers come standard with a center aisle, facilitating easy access for spectators.
    • Mid-Aisle Handrails: Safety is paramount. These bleachers feature mid-aisle handrails, providing stability and support as viewers navigate the rows.
    • Sub-Steps: Subtle steps enhance accessibility, allowing fans to ascend or descend smoothly.
    • Closed Decking: The closed decking design ensures a seamless appearance and prevents debris from accumulating.
    • Protective Guardrail System: A 3-sided protective guardrail system surrounds the seating area, enhancing safety for all attendees.
    • Ultra Aluminum Bleacher Series elevates the spectator experience to new heights.


    Not Included:

    • Shop drawings (sold separately).
    • Anchor kits (sold separately).