Shearing - Cutting and Trimming

Shearing - Cutting and Trimming

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    • we provide top-notch sheet metal shearing for all types of metals. Our powerful hydraulic shear allows us to make smooth cuts on flat sheets and checker plates of aluminum, stainless steel and a variety of types of steel with accuracy and minimum wastage.

    • Inexpensive Cutting, Shearing utilizes no added tools or heavily complex machinery to deal with flat metal sheets, hence it is a cost-effective solution with minimal damages. Compared to other processes, shearing produces almost no waste which makes it a very sustainable choice.

    • Metal Versatility, the shearing process aids in cutting a variety of electrically conductive materials in addition to stainless steel and aluminum ranging from medium to large thicknesses. It can cut straight lines in flat sheets with ease and precision.

    • Prevents Chips, Kerfs, And Deformation, the shearing process delivers excellent chip-free and kerf-free cut quality on the metal surface and results in no damage to the metal sheet as any possibility of melting or burning the material is completely ruled out.

    • Quicker Cutting Solution, to handle a simple job like making cuts at a straight angle in a flat metal sheet, shearing is a tempting option as it gives quicker outputs and is very easy to execute. With high-cutting speed, shearing is extremely efficient for high-volume manufacturing applications.

    • Whom Do We Serve? Our custom metal shearing and cutting services assist clients in a variety of industries, including, Automotive, Construction, Contractors, Home Improvement, Hobbyists, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Military, Movie Production, Transportation, Tool & Die, Welding, And more.


    • Shearing, also known as die cutting, is a process that cuts stock without the formation of chips or the use of burning or melting.
    • Metal shear consists of different working parts. It has two blades—a moving blade, called punch, and a fixed blade, called die. The punch pushes the workpiece against the die until a clearance of 5% to 40% of the thickness of the metal is reached. Clearance is the distance between the point where the cutting takes places and the point where the sheared side of the metal totally separates from the other side.
    • It’s important to note that the clearance has a major impact on both the quality of the cut and the machine’s energy efficiency. Insufficient clearance may result in the two parts of the stock still slightly attached, which usually entails manual prying to separate them. Too much clearance, on the other hand, may lead to roll-over or heavy burring, which is just as damaging to the metal.
    • Shearing operation technologies are blanking, piercing, roll slitting, and trimming.
    • Shearing devices play an important role in the sheet metal manufacturing industry, so naturally, there are a plethora of machines designed to perform the many different shearing functions required to achieve a smooth and accurate finish, seven of the most common types of shearing devices used in the sheet metal manufacturing industry, includes Alligator shearing, guillotine Shearing, Bench Shears, Power Shears, throatless shears, Snips, and Nibblers.

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