Waved Benchmark City Bench Table Formed From Rounded Stainless Steel Bars and Tubes | Model COLL1698

Waved Benchmark Formed From Rounded Stainless Steel Bars and Tubes | Model COLL1698

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by Taimco
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    This public bench table consists of three sculptural benches made from a total of 960 meters of freeform bent tubes of stainless steel and are constructed from computer-generated forms that vary the profiles along a given axis, resulting in surfaces that are morphed together to create a spiral or wave-like shape. The tubes are then angled using a digitally operated production tool and welded together to form the final structure.

    Material Specification

    • Wavy Curved bench with backrest Seat made of high-performance Certified Stainless Steel tubes and bars.
    • We Carried a Variation of special designs and waved and curved to accommodate and match job site shapes and theme.
    • The metal structure is coated with ester-epoxy zinc primer and is powder coated.‎
    • Stainless steel elements connecting Accessories.
    • 8 mm leaser-cut stainless steel framework covered by 33 x 1.5 mm freeform bent tubes.
    • Length 5110 MM.
    • Width 2575 MM.
    • Height 860 MM.
    • Custom sizes are available.


    • Stainless-steel tamper-proof Bolts with epoxy Anchors.

    Note: All Custom sizes, shapes and color can be customized.